NewsGator ended the free synchronization

One of my favorite iPhone applications is NetNewsWire. Today, I upgraded to version 2. And all my feeds are gone!

Actually, what happened is that NewsGator has stopped the synchronization on September 28th, 2009 (more precisely: the free service, and also the online reader access). They recommend to use Google Reader, “the world’s most popular web-based RSS application”.

The problem is that I noticed it _after_ September 28th, 2009, that they stopped the service. Yesterday, I read all my feeds as usual from my iPhone. How should I know about the change? In order to copy my NewsGator feed subscriptions to Google Reader, the FAQ on points to a product transition page. But the only thing you find there is the note that the access to NewsGator Online has ended.

In other words: I will have to begin from scratch setting up my RSS feeds on Google Reader. I hope that Google won’t behave the same once they decide to stop the free service. If NetNewsWire wasn’t linked to NewsGator in the past or Google Reader nowadays, I would avoid this kind of outsourced service. But, as I said at the beginning: reading my RSS feeds on my iPhone is actually one of the reasons why I love my iPhone.